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  1. Hey everyone, I'm working with some YML files to store data about certain maps and to access this data I made a yml for "registering" a map so the data can be used. However, a value that should be returning the number of registered maps returns zero.

    Here is the method:
    Code (Text):
    public int getTotalArenas()
        Bukkit.broadcastMessage("Number of Arenas: " + tagConfiguration.getInt("Number of Arenas") + "");
        return tagConfiguration.getInt("Number of Arenas");
    Here is the line from the yml:
    Number of Arenas:1
  2. You should not use spaces but rather a - with no upper case for YAML configuration syntax.

    Code (Text):
    number-of-arenas: 1
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  3. @Synapz
    Thanks, I've never needed more that one word before so I didn't know.
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  4. You can uses spaces in YAML keys (even GriefPrevention uses spaces in some of it's keys). The problem is you don't have a space after the colon, so it's not registering as a key: value pair in the configuration map.
  5. @BillyGalbreath @Synapz
    Hey, so I'm having another integer that is returning 0 in a new config.

    Code (Text):
    public int getMapPack()
        return arenaConfiguration.getInt("map-pack");
    Line in config:
    map-pack: 1
  6. Never mind everyone, as it turns out I wasn't getting the correct config file because of another error in the code.