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  1. hello i really need help with finding a plugin where i can set donor ranks to a name tag or any item. when a player donates they will be given the item and then the right click it to activate th rank. I have seen this on many large servers and dont know f this is a custom plugin or there is actually a plugin out there. If you could help me i would much appreciate it.
  2. It could be done via a custom plugin, I'm not quite sure if there's a plugin out there that does this currently.
  3. ok thankyou for your reply :) feel free to join my server. I.P:
  4. This is not eula allowed. You can do ranked missipns or supply drops in spawn with the ranks thats allowed.

    There is a plugin here on spigot ranked missipns or something like that. Its paid tho but Its like the big server use :)
  5. thankyou for the help!