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  1. So basically this guy is really mad at me so somehow he is getting into my minecraft account but only on my server. My friend that's also friends with this guy said that it has something to do with something on my server that's letting him access my account but he wont tell me what. Also people are able to join the server under different names. For example Huahwi joined my server and I know its not really him. Nobody was opped and could have /nicked. It seems like my server is in offline mode but.... its not.

    (This is for a friend)
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    Use WorldGuard host keys, that only allow you to join from a secret subdomain.

    For example mine is And if I try to join with another (sub)domain, I get kicked.

    So even if they know the password, they can't hack anyone.

    It is 100% the most secure method. Many large servers use (or at least to) it.
  3. But that would only fix the error with my account. He would still be able to log into any account name.
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    Unfortunately I have no magic solutions to that. Evidently you have a flaw in security, and I simply don't have time to help you find what it is by ak
  5. is your server an standalone server or bungeecord?
  6. I can't tell what's wrong with that but the least you could do is ip-ban that player so he cant join Unless he has access to VPN.

    Secondly download AuthMe Reloaded which is one of the way to prevent player from logging in unauthorized.

    Thirdly Never Use Cheap Hosting service. Consider moving/transferring your Hosting to ServerMiner / MCProHosting :)

    1) ip-ban that player
    2) download AuthMe reloaded
    3) Use better server hosting (btw server hoster has access to OP in your server no matter what l, thus Never host a server on cheap/not well known server :) )
  7. Those written above are just suggestion, If the player still have access to your server. There might be some Fishy in your plugin.

    Try contact your hosting server and report them about the issue :)
  8. I run this server. So this random kid is not accessing his way into the server through that way. And MCProHosting is an overpriced server host.
    My friend has ip-ban this kid, but he has a VPN and can just relog.
    He already has a Auth plugin, but I will look into that.
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  9. Currently I have his permission (THe server owner) and I going to look through the code of each plugin, one of them could be putting the server into offline mode.
  10. Well if you are hosting by your own it is just too risky. I'm currently using MCProHosting with monthly payment of 9.99USD if I'm not mistaken there are currently 50% sales. They are well experience thus leave all the security issue to them :) Definitely not suggest Hosting your own server #NoOffence
  11. I own a server company...It is not hosted on my computer.
  12. Owh well xD perhaps Mr, you'll have to Enchance your security system then :)
  13. It has nothing to do with the hosting. It has to do with one of his plugins/skripts acting up and putting the server into offline mode, and I was wondering if anyone knows a solution to the problem.
  14. It is a standalone server.
  15. Owh well, do check the player PermissionsEx / Groupmanager. He Might have the permissions * in one of his alternative account. Yeah do check the plugin script. Any plugin have the ability to execute command via console :)
  16. Are you sure your server is putting in offline mode? try to join yourseflt with a premium account using a cracked client
  17. Issue is fixed! A plugin that was installed by one of his devs put the server into offline mode, so it has been removed.
    Thanks for helping out.
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  18. Awesome, Sorry for the Straight forward judgement lol. At least one... of my point (out of 6 lol!) are correct xD Mind leaving an Informative / Winner quote?

    "There might be some Fishy in your plugin." #7th command
  19. "Yeah do check the plugin script. Any plugin have the ability to execute command via console :)" #15th command