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  1. i have own network and i cant set up votifier who's can help me? is bungeecord network
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  3. and whats the error...?
  4. votifier address not available when use my ip
  5. Setting up votifier can be tricky. Best to read the documentation thoroughly. I use nuvotifier-2.3.5 with the universal plugin that runs both on bungeecord and spigot. The you put one in the bungeecord plugins folder, and one in server's plugin folder. You setup the one in the server, specifying the port that it will communicate over between the proxy and the server. You can pick this port, since it's basically going to be on your local host. I typically use 85xx numbers. Then you need to generate a token and put this too with localhost address and port into the config file of the nuvotifier on the bungeecord server under the proxy section. You then generate the token for that nuvotifier and of course setup the host as and port 8192. would listen in on all interfaces. Then you need to open up that port 8192 in your firewall and route it to the bungeecord server IP. This IP will be the same IP as your proxy, same IP that your hostname resolves to and where minecraft clients connect to over port 25565. The token and your main ip address and your 8192 port is then used to configure voting on all of the voter sites.

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