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  1. Hello there, I am currently doing some updates for my server which cannot be named currently for various reasons. However, I am wanting to ask for some advice on what I should set the crop growth rates as in the spigot.yml.

    I am currently setting up a factions server and I want crop growth to be decent, I was wondering if someone could reply with a link to a scale of the highest and lowest crop rate numerically.
  2. Strahan


    lol why mention it if you aren't going to talk about it? Also, nobody really cares anyway :)

    Search is your friend. This has been discussed already:
  3. You probably want to keep it at default setting, so that people have to play to win. Another thing is over occasions you can make it higher as a "double crop growth" weekend lol. It would still be pretty neat.
  4. I would advise default setting as well however, it depends on if you are going for Hardcore factions or if you want really tame factions. That will dramatically affect how you want things to grow.