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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by J4acket1400, May 11, 2019.

  1. I run a small survival server with scalacube and I now cant manage it at all

    Don't mind the cat it's an extension on chrome
  2. Phoenix616

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    Contact your host. There is nothing we can do about that.
  3. blaukat


    Scalacube is a terrible host, I personally recommend MC Pro hosting or Pebble Host.
  4. Well, i have all of my shit there... maybe ill try a host im familier with
  5. was looking for fixing advice but sure be a dick
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  6. He gave you the advice you need, this is obviously the host's issue for not loading up anything for their panel.
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  7. Strahan


    Dude, grow a thicker skin. He said nothing that would make him a dick. Seriously; what do you think we can do about this? It's obviously a problem that your host has to resolve. The odds of someone here working for scalacube and willing to help you outside of their support system is almost nil.
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  8. blaukat


    I dont know about pebblehost but Mc Prohosting lets you migrate from another host, that might include Scalacube.
  9. If you can FTP into your servers files, then download them to your own machine. MCPH does let you migrate, but only in certain situations. On top of that MCPH is extremely overpriced. I would find a cheaper host that is still reliable yet provides good support and decent performance.

    Somewhere like Shockbyte or Pebblehost would work well for you.