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  1. First my english is not that good but hey ill try to explane everything.

    So me and 2 of my friends started building the server .
    We want to go path of Faction but with a litle twist , the server will have faction but with plots that are prebuilt , like we have 50lvls of plots from size lets say 10x10 blocks all the way to 100x100 which is huge city .

    I made all the decorations for each lvl so on lvl1 u have Caravan with few chests and the on lvl 2 you have camp site and after that lvl3 is camp site with better walls and soo on ... in the end on lvl50 you will have huge City with huge walls that can accept up to lets say 20 people.

    To upgrade the plot u need ingame cash but is there a way when they upgrade the plot that they get new look ? like is there a way they can do it by them self without admin comming and pasting new schematic for each lvl or is there a way when they pay for lvl that they get new schematic for their plot and the size gets bigger . ?

    I know Towny or GuildWars have plot sizes , but im not sure they have this where each lvl u get better and better look for your plot.
    Ill include few pictures down so u can guys see how it looks
    We just want to avoid server looking like Cube world :D because 99% of servers that have faction are like : lets make a cube , slap few cages and chests and there u go :D We want to give people some good look , adventure with quests , new items , few new worlds but we rlly wanna work on this plugin if there is any plugin that can do this upgrade thing :) lvl 2 camp lvl 1 caravan
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  2. Schematic is a NBT format file. You can read it with a NBT librairy or directly into structure with the WorldEdit API
  3. Well ofc , i know that allrdy , im asking if there is option When a player collects enough cash ingame and he wants to upgrade his plot he gets new look for plot too new houses that are prebuilt , with the expansion of plot size too. Thats why im asking if there is plugin which can do that for us , because it would be rlly hard to upgrade by hand for reach player on server
  4. You are in the wrong category with this question i thin. You are currently in the development category, here you can get help with developing a plugin. What you're looking for is help with finding a plugin that is able to do that. We can't help you with that here.

    If I'm wrong and you are looking for help with developing this plugin, I would recommend using a NBT library or the WorldEdit API, like Il_totore suggested. If you need help with that you can always ask.
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  5. Yeah its all good we actualy made plugin allrdy :) was easy we used other plugin , we upgraded it and it working now :) but tnx for headsup , i just came to look for some help.