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  1. Hi, for past time i was operating a project in Latvia - a cracked server, but for past months, im only putting money, paying for server, ads, and more, plus spending my time on builds, and configuring servers, but, nobody wasnts to donate even a dollar, so i have spend over 2000$ on this, and got back only obaut 100$, so im closing it, and coming to USA, i will start small, and no cracked servers, only premium, i have great expierence, plus im a bit website designer, so i will make some nice website to my server.

    I know some good hosts, have tryed them(ovh, kimsufi, Hetzner), but they all are dedi servers, for now i need:

    1. VPS - max 15$ per month - with nice cpu(prefer e3 or e5) and 3-6 gb ram, if possible(ovh vps are crap, dont suggest that) - ddos prot is recomended, but not so nessecarry.

    2. Ordinary MC host - max 15$ per month, min 3 gb ram, nice cpu(e3 or e5), min 50 slots, and a free webhost in this price, ddos prot is recomended, but not so nessecarry.

    And are there some reviews of this host -
    i may go witht their vps.
  2. why not consider to go with shockbyte?
  3. i have herd some bad things obaut them, so for example with ordinary survival server - their 4 gb package starts to lagg the hell out with only 10-15 players online
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  4. I suggest BisectHosting & OVH.
  5. he doesnt want an dedicated servers and the vps`es of OVH are bad for minecraft
  6. bisect hosting is way off my budget
  7. RSNET-Radic


    Minecraft doesn't really do well with a VPS as it'll violate the TOS as soon as you start pushing any real traffic. You would be better off with a $20 Kimsufi server.
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  8. They have the premium range & budget range.

    Price per GB Budget: $3.99
    Premium $8.99