Need hosting suggestions.

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  1. So, I'm looking for a new server provider. I'm currently with Exile Servers but the server I have now doesent seem to catch up with the various things my players are doing on my farming server "hint hint nudge nudge." So, I'm looking for a good host that can keep up with the various redstone and entities that my players are playing with. I'm willing to spend quite a bit of money but if I could I would like to keep it around $100 CAD/monthly although I am flexible. What are your suggestions?

    P.S. I get around 20 players when it gets a bit busier. Although on occasion it could jump up to 30. Also, concerning Ram, 8GB should be fine but the more the better.
  2. Get Dedicated Server.
    If you choose dedicated Server, go with Kimsufi's KS-4
  3. $100 for a 30 player max?

    Nitrous-Networks will suit you well if you want shared hosting.

    Since you have a higher budget than most users, would suit you best they have very high quality servers from what I have heard.
    @RSNET-Radic will be able to assist you if you are buying from them.
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    Have you tried soyoustart?
  5. RSNET-Radic


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  6. No problem :) I actually updated the recommendation as it sounded as if I called you guys expensive, which yous aren't :)
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  7. Im considering SYS. Is there anything I should know about them before I jump in?
  8. They sometimes require verification. In other words you may have to send your ID, some sort of bill ex. water, etc.
  9. You have to know the basics of linux. If you're comfortable with that, you should totally go with them. They have a gaming line of dedi's that are apparently optimized for gaming.
  10. Well, I've never operated a linux server before. I've used desktop Ubuntu on my laptop but I don't think that'll really help me too much. Well, everyone gotta start somewhere! I might've considered using their gaming servers but they aren't avalible in North America. And I'd prefer my server to be hosted in the Canadian location.
  11. its not that hard i suggest you get the intel xeon e3 1245
  12. I was thinking of the E3 1245 with the 120GB SSD's. Linux server doesent seem too hard. I assume it'll be like using the terminal on desktop Linux.
  13. good choise
  14. why not install then ubuntu and then lxde with xrdp and there is your remote desktop :p