Need ideas for a web panel

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  1. Hey my name is Ethan, I have no life whatsoever and want to get a more extensive grasp on Node, Angular and maybe spice up my SpigotApi knowledge. I would be opensourcing the panel and hosting it on github of course so everyone can be judgmental about my code (which actually helps a lot).

    If you are interested shoot me some ideas for what the panel should have. Should it be admins only or should users be able to login?


    EDIT: Current planned features
    • Analytics with a Java API
    • Ban management
    • Permissions management
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  2. Hello,
    Can you explain what is it for exactly ?
  3. Please give examples of what you're looking to do.
  4. A web panel to manage minecraft servers. Like bans, maybe permissions integration and a few others features along with statistics.
  5. If you want to go all out, make a template system for configurations. Then you can create new game servers from an template.
  6. Something I've been looking for, is an easy way to implement statistics from MySQL data. For example I have a custom coded plugin with MySQL statistics, but there isn't an elegant and easy way to display those custom statistics for all players with a ranking system/leaderboard etc. On a web page.
  7. A mysql statistics system could be difficult because statistics in general is vague, you could show them in hundreds of different ways. Also, it's not that difficult really, just a bit of php.
  8. Yeah that's what I mean, a modular system where you can control which statistics are which, where they go, what they do etc.
  9. May I ask you what type of frontend do you wanna use?

    Bootstrap? If so, please use a fancy material design bootstrap fork
  10. Firstly I would probably make a stats plugin in the future that has an API so people can impliment it into their plugins if they are interested. The problem with not using an API is that there is many different SQL structures around and I can't cater to all of them.

    I plan to build the panel from scratch and build it with Vue.js and Bootstrap as it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside knowing I did it myself. All pages will be pre-rendered with handlebars.

    If you have any more suggestions then share em! I will edit the post and add each of these as a suggestion.