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  1. Hey, I don't know if this is the correct section but here it goes. Currently I am programming an RPG overhaul to setup a new server where I can implement real RPG features like class questlines, specializations, professions, and well the features a real RPG has.

    Currently I am in need of input for what the skills of the classes will be and not beign much of a creative person I come to Spigot to ask for your opinion. The classes are the following and their first specialization choice inbetween ():

    - Ranger (Marksman, Sharpshooter)
    - Warrior (Paladin, Lancer)
    - Caster (IceCaster, FireCaster)
    - Rogue (Ninja, Assassin)

    Any other type of suggestion for the RPG that you guys would like to see is also appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Ranger could have partially homing arrows (They curve but if they are off by lets say 3 blocks they might get hit.

    Paladin can have healing capabilities or damage with light particles (Maybe if you make a beacon of bright yellow particles that does a ton of damage, kinda like Garen from League)

    Caster is uh... your trying to rename Mage, right? Like they do magic and shit, right? Ill get idea if I understand what this is

    Ninja could have stealth abilities like they don't make sounds and mobs that get hit dont either
  3. Dont be generic, and dont force unwanted grind on players. Add to features instead of restricting them for no reason.
    Linear vertical class systems seem to be on the way out in mmorpgs as WoW slowly crashes and burns, you may want to consider something a bit different, like the sort of systems elder scrolls, path of exile and such use.
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  4. For that exact reason, is why I didn't chose WoW over other games (ESO is great).

    For what @Igasi said, I recon Paladin should have more damage dealing than healing. There should be an extra class for healing imo.
  5. I believe even forcing generic RPG "roles" onto people seems to be restrictive of fun RPG gameplay. It has always been my belief that RPGs are most fun when you can open-endedly customize your character to whatever play style you want. Of course it makes game balance extremely difficult it results in the funnest experience for players wanting to play an RPG they want to play it.
  6. Eh... but then, you could have an extreme damage-dealer that can heal? :p
  7. You mean like mcMMO that lets you level diciplines instead?

    What i meant by this is that you can have a healer that deals damage but that damage will probably be really low compared to its healing power. That would be the specializations, if you like to heal prepare for not many dmg dealing attacks and more kinda buffs.
    Caster is mage yeah. Was thinking a name for a novice mage. Also I am planning on giving each class multiple skills along the levels. So far I have the rogue sneak idea that when the passive is active and not on cooldown rogues become invisible for up to 3 seconds if out of combat and sneaking.
    The arrow homing is pretty nice doe
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  8. Yes, that's absolutely fine.
  9. If you enforce the amount of points that is given per person, you can limit the extent that damage dealers heal unless they balance.
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  10. BananaPuncher714


    Here's two nice games to base your classes off:
    Besides those base stats I think you should use a Mineplex-Domination skill set style. You should have unlockable abilities that take up a slot( passive, special, melee, ranged ) and make those the special things that define how a person plays. You could copy some classes from Annihilation in Shotbow. ( But don't add too many classes or it could be super stressful at picking a class )
  11. I have it implemented that way. A player (depending on it's specialization tier) can have certain "active" skills. Some of this are triggered by sneaking for example and some when attacking. All have cooldowns and some even can be bound. A player can only have an active skills of each type of active and can bind actually need to be actived skills to slots or items.

    The leveling system and damage calculations are already setup. I have made classes that calculate PvP, PvE and PvMobs. Also the curves work differently for action points and mana, which are the main energy sources.

    Basically each class will have a number especialization for each tier and each specialization has a level requirement and a class requirement. It may also require other specializtions. So far there will be 4 specs and each spec will have a quest for it ( kinda like maple story). Upon changing specs the growth curves of mana,ap,health are changed aswell as the damage some weapons deal (since I want a player of lvl 30 with weak weapons be stronger than a lvl 20 with medium tier weapons).

    Also thanks for the input from everyone I have gotten a clearer picture. Classes and Specs will be allowed to reset and change for a fee without loosing the level so one can switch if it has the coin or resources for it.

    However what I am looking mostly here is for skills and abilities ideas. For example I just implemented an ice bolt that when it striker an entity it freezes it in place and gives it a little damage. But I will be needing a lot more skills. So if you have any ideas you think could be fun just say them. No matter how crazy I will try my best to add them. So no ideas are repeated here are the skills I have so far (I haven't decided in which go into which spec or base class yet):

    - Caster:
    - Cannon: Low range and weak exploding tnt, explodes on collition
    - Ice Bolt : Freezes entity in place for 30 ticks and does small damage
    - Energy Bolt: Weak damage bolt that can hit up to 3 consecutive entities
    - Heal: Restores 10% of health of itself and a random party member
    - Protect: Protects itself for 85% of incoming damage for 30 ticks
    - Ranger:
    - Multishot: Shoots 3 arrows in a wided spread fashion
    - Incendiary Shot: Target has a 75% chance to catch on fire for 20 ticks
    - Poison Shot: Target has a 75% chance to get poisoned for 20 ticks
    - Rogue:
    -Scramble: Suffles target player inventory
    - Speed: Gains a 2.5 speed boost for 3 seconds
    - Sneak: If active and not on cooldown makes the player invisible for 3 seconds. Breaks on stopping sneak and combat
    - Backstab: When hitting an enemy from behind gets a 10% damage boost, if you are sneaking the boost becomes 15%
    - Warrior:
    - Berserk: Increases dealt damage in 1% for each consecutive hit for 100 ticks
    - Sweep: Pushes all entities in a 3 block radius back dealing 10% damage
    - Throw: Throw current weapon and deal 25% of normal damage, also weapon dissapears from inventory until collison

    Thanks for all input!
  12. BananaPuncher714


    You really need some ideas!!!
    • Homing arrows
    • Sonic boom when you land while sneaking
    • Invisibility x blocks away from enemies
    • A trail of poisonous potatoes
    • Explosive arrows
    • Grappling hook
    • Swap with player
    • Life drain
    • Buffs from killing people
    • Healing aura
    • Forcefield
    • Blindness aura so that you need ranged kills
    • Ice sphere prison
    • Minions
    • Regen in darkness
    • Homing arrows
    • Raining blocks
    • Mines
    • True damage against op people
    • Invisible while sneaking
    • Teleportation danger sense
    • Kinetic redirection forcefield to return arrow to sender
    • Wither skulls
    • Remote detonating mobs
    • Extended exp for health
  13. I have a whole space MMORPG planned out. About 40+ documents via Google Drive just waiting to be more than a concept. I'll post the link here unless you'd like to take a look at them exclusively.

    Also, when I say planned out, I mean planned out. Cores are basically done, items, mechanics, shops, etc. The only thing that needs to be completed concept wise are Mobs and XP values. We have the ranking systems, we just didn't have the time to discuss formulas and/or xp values for drops and kills, quests, etc.
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  14. In terms of restrictive classes: I decided against it on my server as well. Our system works around players choosing what different items to combine together with offhand and mainhand. Each weapon has an ability, and each weapon type have sets of abilities possibly bound to them. Swords may be more balanced while axes are more burst damage, etc.
  15. If you also want to make a unique experience you can more stuff than just classes, like holograms when you kill a mob, level system, a custom resource pack, custom items, etc
  16. BananaPuncher714


    If I really wanted to make some classes and was too lazy/unimaginative then I would go over to Reddit and crowdsource some ideas there. I would also let the players make their own classes so I don't stress out over what to put where so that everything's balanced. If something is too op, then the players can have their fun and you can change it. The decisions are all up to the players!(and the stress!!)
  17. Yeah, I got some of those features aswell. For example mobs drop gold nuggets that have a money hologram and when caught add up to the money count. But since it's RPG based I figured that the core needs to be done before we go even further.

    That's a really good idea. So you think I should just patch it up a bit to make it playable and ask players for input?
  18. Magic bomb, rogue capacity, trade,
  19. BananaPuncher714


    That's what I'd do at first, but I would be sure to add some strong abilities and stuff that stands out so that way people will actually comment on it because if it's all plain and generic, they're not going to say much.
  20. I like the idea but 3 blocks is super OP
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