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  1. I'm looking to make my server in to a network next month but I do not know any good VPS hosting. I'm looking for around 8 to 16gb ram Premium Bandwidth & Gigabit Link server must be in the USA got to have good uptime and good Support team and DDoS protection would help a lot I'm just looking for a VPS that could host up to 100 players if you know any good one comment the link and tell me why you think its good! And a plan or price that could do this job and got to have a good CPU.
  2. MineCove


    Hi VizionStudiosMc -

    I believe everything you're looking for you should find with PhoenixNAP. I have a server with them and two other machines in their data-center - Never had issues of any kind. That said, they're slightly on the more expensive side, so if price is a factor you may have better luck elsewhere. Good luck!
  3. kimsufi - get ks-4
  4. Get dedicated instead of getting VPS with that :)
  5. If you're looking for 8-16 gb ram and Gigibit uplink, just get a dedi ;)
    Kimsufi or SYS.
  6. Psychz-Jimmy


    With that amount of RAM, you can be looking at Dedicated Servers as well? What's your budget?