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  1. Sorry for my bad english

    Does anyone know is here some plugin what will check players connecting on server ? Like, when 3 players want to join my server, I want that players need to wait after recconeting player by player like 1-3 sec
    1 player - Joined 19:38:11
    2 player - Joined 19:38:13
    3 player - Joined 19:38:15
    I hope you know what I'm trying to say
  2. mathhulk

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    Couldn't find one by searching on Google.
    Though, I could make this for you with script if you want?
  3. Sure, contact me on skype :) karlo4win
  4. Are you looking for a login queue? If you're just looking to pause the connection for a 2 second delay, you could use "AsyncPlayerPreLoginEvent"
    to pause their connection until the time you specify, and then connect them. Note that if you pause the connection for too long, they'll time out.
  5. ^That is what I was thinking
  6. @ all of you helping with code, this is not the development section. He's looking for a plugin..