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  1. So I plan to open a minecraft server and i think about skyblock server
    So i want custom skyblock plugin
    If you know some developers that can do it for me i will pay for plugin
    If you are interested msg me :D
  2. You do not post this here. This section is for problems with the bungeecord plugins people are developing, not for requesting developers. Please post this in Services & Recruitment - v2 :)
  3. Why do you want a custom Skyblock kms
    And what is your budget exactly lmao
  4. Also, this would require a huge amount of work and would cost a whole lot, just so you are aware of what you are asking.
  5. This is embarrassing too, "so i want cool skyblox plogin" - basically what this post is.
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  6. 300€ and up if you want it professionally done.
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