Need plugin ideas!

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  1. Hi, I'm good with Bukkit programming but... I don't have fantasy! :c
    So, can you give me some ideas?
  2. CommandVote plugin
    Some player offers the command to other players.
    All players vote for it within x minutes
    Plugin count percent of votes, and decide, do command or not
  3. EDIT: WAIT! I just realized this is in the bungeecord section, the other idea would be bukkit/spigot only

    as for bungeecord, the ultimate friends plugin, players are able to have a custom lore for every friend (/friend <friend> lore 'custom lore here'), and set their raking IE fav and normal friends, or even custom rankings (friend <friend> group 'toast besties') all stored in a mysql database

    bukkit/spigot only idea:
    This is a math one, a REAL gravity plugin, not one that makes it so roofs are impossible etc etc, but... I'll give an example. Again, this one would require some maths, like trajectories or something, not everyone's favorite plugin

    There is a 10 story building with a 7x7 base, someone lights tnt on the east side of it and blows about 2 floors up, so the tower above that point should lean/fall/slide off the base towards the east and stop when it hits something IE the ground or an adjacent building unless there is enough tower to keep structurally sound.

    So I'm asking for real-world mechanics in regards to buildings etc. being destroyed.

    heheh, have fun if you do decide to tackle this monster!
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  4. Sorry, I failed the section!
    I need Spigot ideas
  5. well I gave you a bungeecord and a spigot idea, just in case. see the bottom portion of my previous post
  6. Super Smash Bros, Agar.IO, Mario Kart, Party Plugins, Drop Parties, Prison Utilities, Powerups.... and on and on and on and on and on................

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  7. Administration ++ plugin and secure the server more and a plugin with website integration would be cool.
  8. clash royale plugin