Need plugin made: Random location on join

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  1. So yeah, ive tried all the public ones out there, but they dont work or fit my needs.
    I will pay 45$ for a plugin to be made.
    When a user joins for the first time, or dies, this is what must happen.
    randomspawned: "You spawned in a unfamiliar place!"

    type: square
    x-min: -25000
    x-max: 25000
    z-min: -25000
    z-max: 25000

    So they must spawn within those co-ords of 0,0 on the map.

    Let me know if you can do this: skype "mrmime22"
  2. joehot200


    No need. Presuming you can do even basic code it would be incredibly simple to get a random-location teleportation plugin, and then force the player to do the random location teleport command on join. You could even do it with command blocks! I would suggest TeleportRandomLocation myself, but you would have to disable fall damage (TPRL has it configurable the random area people can teleport in)
  3. Never used commandblocks! xD
  4. joehot200


    As long as u can tp them to the spawn location on join, place a command block with sudo @p TheRandomTeleportLocationCommand
  5. I'll do it for $30 :)