Need plugin to see the number of players per world

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  1. When the players are at the hub. He clicks on an item and opens the tp menu. When it wants to be tp for example in skyblock, I want this shows below the Item the number of players in skyblock

    Whats the plugin ?

    I am frensh sory
  2. to be clear, per server (bungeecord) or per world?
  3. Per world.
    I have not bungeecore
  4. With that plugin wee can see the number when we are on the item to tp
    ( in the lore)
  5. oh yea can't add player lores
  6. Can't or can ? ^^

  7. Can't. but I could make something for you maybe. PM if you want
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  8. I have PM.
    Look ;)