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  1. Hi, i have all needed (35 positive/70 post/8 ressources/+6 week on spigotmc/two-step enabled) for the premium ressource but i didn't unlock the "premium ressource", what i am going to do to unlock him

  2. I imagine that sort of thing is fully automated, you probably just need to wait for the scheduled cron job(s) to be executed?
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  3. it's possible thx i made a support for get the rank
  4. TheJavaHacker


    Well, you don't have 80 posts; and once you meet the requirements - it's automatic.
  5. oh ok thanks TheJavaHacker i think is was 60 needed
  6. now i have 80 posts, it's possible that not automatic
  7. "In the two years which we have run this section for, not once has a user failed to be promoted within one hour of meeting these requirements. Do not contact us about being unable to use this service."

    Please read the guidelines...
    Its literally right in front of you. Please read...
  8. i see it after i am stupid
  9. Did you just go spam 20 messages in like an hour? lol just kidding.
    The problem may be that you don't have two factor authentication enabled tho
  10. He mentioned having 2FA enabled ("two-step enabled") in his first post here.
  11. He has already met all the requirements to upload a premium resource (not including the review) based on his first post and profile.
  12. He made five posts in this topic, having 82 in total at the moment. So the requirement of having 80+ posts wasn't met while creating the thread.
  13. Strahan


    Interesting, that's not what I'm seeing.
    I wonder if posts in certain subforums do not count? (shrug)
  14. Optic_Fusion1

    Resource Staff

    Some might of been deleted then
  15. last day i can't upload premium ressource wtf, but no probleme i am going to finish my plugin and after i think i will have 80 messages my bad
  16. Don't spam just to increase your message count, you can create a new thread if you have question or help others, some problems are very easy to solve ...
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