Need real help on permissionex

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  1. So im failing for 2 straight days adding only essentials.spawn for group user

    - default
    - essentials.spawn
    default: true
    prefix: ''
    suffix: ''
    - groupname
    name: YourPlayerName
    schema-version: 1

    this is my code and i dont know what i need to adjust or add supports and other forums were unclear to me on how this actually works and imm starting to give up on my server.

    I wanna know why this does not work

    my plugins :

    the inheritence points out to default group i have not made yet could that be a problem ?
    Can someone fix this for me so "user" has acces to /spawn

    Save me from this stressfull wreckage
  2. Hey nightcodex,

    You may have a problem with spacing ( In your permission.yml )
    Try this code ( Replace with old code )
    Code (Text):
          prefix: "&7PrefixHere &f"
          default: true
        - modifyworld.*
        - essentials.spawn
    schema-version: 1
    If that doesn't work....
    you may have old version of premissionsEX ( update to 1.22.10 + )

    And if your server is updated and the first code doesn't work
    msg me the server log

    From Nick
    Twitter - @GayLoadYT
  3. gonna try this,

    i got PEX 1.23.4

    EDIT prefix wont show i got EssentialsX 2.0.1
  4. Hey nightcodex,

    Oh thats the problem.... What server version are you running?

    From Nick
    Twitter - @GayLoadYT
  5. You can add me at skype : zaxosxpro then I will help you!!!
  6. Send me a pm on
  7. Hello,
    I had that same exact problem with my permissionsEx.
    The only way I have fixed it I added Essentials Chat
    Hope That Helps

    - Dawidperez (Daf4Life)
  8. Everything formatted right?
  9. This is so annoying as hell im unable to use permissionex even when i type /pex user nightcodex add * it says i have no permission , while im opped and owner ?
    Any help?
  10. Do that through console you cant through ingame unless you have permission *
  11. Try to add the "*" permission to the Owner group and do the action again but if that doesn't suityou try to do in the console