Need RPG Setup!!

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  1. I dont know where to post it :( If you know where to post it, tell me, I will move it to there!

    I need an RPG server setup!!
    With class system
    Mobs system
    Level of mobs
    And a person who know have been work on RPG and know what they nees and how they work!!

    Use plugin : Heroes RPG
  2. Hey,
    Can you Write own plugins?
    If yes, Write a own RPG System, this is better as free Plugins.
  3. There are a lot of rpg featured plugins. mcMMO can add skill. Jobs plugin can add jobs, archeology can add extra layer. Marriage and wherewolve, and races plugins can add that sorta stuff. Heroes.. Mobhunting, mcPerks. .. all sorts of stuff.

    You just have to kinda search for a few minutes and read the descriptions and see what you are after.
  4. I can make you a fully RPG server but not for free as it will take a lot of time to set it up. I am a Developer and I can make also custom plugins for it :). PM me or message me on my profile if you want me to do it :)
  5. Hi, I can probably name some plugins to help you! But it isn't all one plugin so beware!
    Class systems, skills, and a bunch of other stuff can be done with LegendQuest or SkillAPI (I recommend skillapi)
    Mobs can be done using Mythicmobs, you can make levels of mobs and ones with custom stats!

    I hope I helped, but if you want it all in one plugin, you can get a cheap dev service here!

    EDIT: A Plugin that does it all is called Heroes but be warned, research it first, because I hated it
  6. Gaxan


    If you are using Heroes, then you already have a class and skills system.
    Have you purchased Heroes?
  7. Why did you hate it? What is wrong??
  8. Well I didn't like the overall way heroes worked, it was not as configurable as I had hoped, also the class systems were quite contrained. SkillAPI though, you can make crazy skills without even knowing YAML, for free
  9. Can we combined 2 in 1?
  10. What do you mean
  11. Like we use both for the server : Heroes&SkillAPI
  12. I doubt that would work well, They would just get in the way of eachother