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  1. Hello!

    My name is Euro and I am currently running a Survival/Creative server. I been trying to advertise my server by using voting links. I haven't made any videos on the server yet, but I do plan on it. The server has creative plots that are 500x500 with free world edit and voxel for trusted. For survival, there are shop keepers that you can hire to sell stuff for you. After having 20 people on once, there is absolutely no lag. I also use FastAsyncWorldEdit, so it isn't laggy when using world edit and its faster than the basic async worldedit. My question is, I haven't gotten players on to stay and I would like to know some advice from some fellow people on the Spigot forums on what I could being doing wrong. The thing about my server is that I didn't make at it for little kids and RPGs. Its made for professional builders, like the other build team creative plots servers. This is what causes me to loose players I think. Now the survival, it is supposed to be player friendly as possible and vanilla like. So there is griefing and raiding allowed there only.

    My question being, can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong (other than the possibilities I have listed above).
    The server Ip is if anyone is willing to help :\
  2. Hello, I have readed your message, I would like to help you out and I would like two ork for your server, I would recommend you to make a HCF server or a Faction server, if you want to have fun, I would recommend factions!

    Contact me on skype: pandavenderise
    If needed or if you want to recruit me

    Thanks for Reading this message
    Have a nice day!

    Greetings PandaEatsBamboo_
  3. You need something unique to hold the player's attention
  4. Like what exactly?

  5. Stable server with room for improvement.

    Points of improvement (majors first):

    You should really check out ViaVersions plugin, most players play on multiple servers. If they cant join yours without restarting their launcher to change their version, they just wil not join.

    In my opinion the text holographs look awful... you should make a colorful bold title in the 1st line. Use the others for info and only add color to keywords that matter most.

    The hub is very basic. It works well. but It feels very small and simply constructed. If it was up to me, I would make it much larger and make it so you can see were a portal goes using buildings instead of text.

    try to give all messages the same style of displaying, I see a lot of blue text, but also other default plugin colors. Try to customize every plugin the same way.

    I would not give players the ability to change their prefix using pex

    Points of excellence:
    Owner is very dedicated and if everything is finished it will be an awesome place.

    Server works well and responds fast

    I like the survival spawn, it is also a bit small, but it fit what it needs and looks good.

    General advice:
    Remember that most minecrafters don't like to read 100 holograms and signs. We just want to hop on and play.
    Instead of showing 'donate' in the tablist, you could better show 'Tell your friends'
  6. Thanks for you reply. I will use this in consideration. Also when players change there prefix, they can only change it for them selves. They can't change other players prefixes, but I understand what you mean. Thanks for the review.

    The hub is basic, because you shouldn't have this massive spawn for just 2-4 portals. Its supposed to be simple and look good. And thats what we strived for. Also, its hard to see its full look when you can only walk so far to the portals.

    I understand what you mean about the Holograms, I may edit them. I don't think there is a lot though. Also, there are no signs basically except for the shops and just a ticket info at spawn. I know they are annoying and we tried not to make them annoying. Thanks for the info on that though.
  7. It may be wise to post your servers here.

    I posted it there and several members of the Spigot community came on and gave me a decent and details review. I found a lot of the advice helpful, and have already made changes. So try doing that, and maybe you'll get some great advice too. :)
  8. Agreed