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    About My Server

    Basically I am running a simple Survival/Minigame server with Spigot 1.8.x for my friends and I. In the future I may want to make my server more public, but I'm 16 and have school and stuff so I don't know. Anyways the idea is for my server to be mainly an improved survival server with improvements (economy, shop, quests, custom enchants, and the like) along with some simple minigames so that there are various things to play.


    The way I imagine my server working is that there are 4 levels (or ranks you know what I mean). Member the most basic, VIP most likely for my friends, Admins for people I trust, and myself as the Owner. I currently have a Main Hub that uses Multiverse and Portals to connect to other hubs for Survival, Minigames, and the Shop. In the survival game hub there will be 6 servers for members and 3 VIP server for my friends, other VIPs, and I to play on. The same idea goes for the Minigames. There will be 2 minigames each with 2-3 servers and two VIP servers for each minigame. The Shop will be a place for people to buy personal accessories (trails, chat colors, fireworks on join etc.), materials for survival (basic vanilla MC stuff), custom enchants (maybe), and etc. Chances are the VIPs will have some special items for themselves as well as the Admins.

    My Issues (this is gonna be long :()

    First issue, plugins, I know this is pretty broad, but I'll organize this into sections

    Current Plugins:
    Multiverse (Portals & Core), InventoryFull (cause I thought it was neat), ActionAnnouncer (for InvFull), AutoRestart (I don't know why tbh), and TitleMOTDAdvanced (to make my server look legit lol)

    Issues with those plugins:
    Most of them work fine it's just that I've been having some issues with Multiverse. Basically I have 3 hubs currently (and a shop to come when I find a nice one to download or one of you lovely people can make one for me) and they connect with each other through portals. Now I did the WHOLE setup right from what I can tell (not a plugin code guy lol) and it'll tp me to the nether, outside the hut the portal is in, and even in a loop! So I kind of need some help with that if anyone can offer it...

    Picking Plugins:
    I've been scrolling and scrolling through dozens of plugins, but I have difficulty choosing some because of how many plugins there are for the same function and whether you have to pay for it or not (I'm 16 remember, no income lol). Not only that, but it's hard to find plugins that use the right version (eg I'm using MV Core 1.7.9 and Portals 1.7.2 for a 1.8.x Spigot server). And finally being the n00b I am with little plugin experience I don't know which ones are popular, working, trash, not worth it and etc. So I want to hear from you guys what plugins you think I should use for the following functions:
    -Having a main hub that leads to other hubs that lead to each other in a web and survival worlds and minigame worlds
    -Having a good economy with easy customization and easy purchasing/selling etc.
    -Having good things to add to survival (quests, custom enchants, and dungeons that are as easily customizable and easy to use)
    -Having A VERY GOOD permissions plugin similar to PEX with the ability to make custom ranks, chat tags, and varying permissions for each rank
    -Having good and simple plugins to make nice titles, MOTDs, tabs, and the like

    Second issue, port forwading/hosting my server, although I don't want it to be open quite yet, I want to be able to port forward SUCCESSFULLY whenever I want it to go up/public. Seeing how this requires a lot of personal info PM if you are interested in helping me out. The other option is that I use an MC Hosting service. The problem with that is that I'm 16 and have no form of income, again. Donations could help but paying the bills when starting out won't be easy…so I'm looking for suggestions!

    Staff, if there is anyone out there willing to be a part of my staff for funsies (if you want payment that won't work for me (no income remember? God I'm broke af) but thanks for the consideration). If any of you know a good place to find free, friendly, staff and ect. please leave a reply

    Then there's just other stuff like hiring builders and artists to make my server look nice and function well, but I feel that is something for the far future if I ever get there. Same applies for advertising, that's a ways down the road…

    Other than that there's not much else I have to say. I guess the last few things I can ask are what do you think my server should be like? Should it function differently? What plugins should or can I use to make my server as close to my imagination as possible? Basically, what do you want/think?


    Thanks again,
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  2. so u ned an server?
  3. konsolas


    You posted this in Hosting Advice.

    How many people are you expecting on your server?
    What is your budget?
    Do you want to use a BungeeCord setup?

    If you're not looking for hosting advice, and just general advice on setting up a server, you should probably post this somewhere else.
  4. Asking for staff on a forum full of setver owners needing to work on their own servers? I am not hating but the chance of finding someone reliable and open for spots will be fairly hard.
  5. I don't need a server I just need help "upgrading" the one I have
  6. I have already made the server it's just "upgrading" it to make it better is what I'm trying to accomplish. My expected amount of people for now anyways is 10-30 people mainly consisting of friends and the like. And I've been looking into BungeeCord, but is that more reliable and/or easier than using Multiverse for simply having multiple hubs/worlds for different purposes?
  7. I see what your saying and I get that most people here are looking for staff, not looking to be staff. However there are those select few so, might as well see what I get :p
  8. Honestly, this idea sounds extremely overkill for "10-30 players". Far, far too many smaller nuances of activities that could isolate players from each other and create sort of a lonely experience. If you want a "friends-of-friends" type server, your best bet is to focus on a smaller, more tightly knit community. Build a relationship with the players, not the world and plugins they play in.

    I would suggest keeping the main survival area to 1 world, and maybe another for creative. If you want minigames, no more than three - and if you can create a dedicated area for them within the survival world (protected stadiums or something), it keeps things easier to manage in addition to building more of an active environment within the one world.

    If you wanted a large server network with 80-150+ people, that would be a good plan. But if you want to have a small-ish community, you need to have a small-ish server. And believe me when I say a server fails without a proper, active community thriving in it. People need incentive to be there, but "bells and whistles" in itself does not necessarily make that incentive.

    If you want some help setting it up including plugins, I might be inclined to charge some amount of money. Even for a smaller idea it's still a ton of work that has its difficulties. I won't set everything up for free, though I can give occasional advice and pointers regarding choice of plugins or setup advice free if you want. Skype is wincam98. If this does ultimately get set up and running smoothly, I may consider a staff role (and no, I would not charge money for that) - but you need a working server and community first :p
  9. Thanks for the advice! You actually have a really good point to be honest...and I'll be taking your suggestions into consideration. I'll also add you on skype tomorrow (cause it's late over here) to maybe share some ideas. Thanks again bro!
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