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  1. Hello SpigotMC!

    I was just wondering, how much ram do I need to run xenforo and minecraft server. My server has 50+ plugins, mostly coded by hand. This is also a factions server and I expect this to have 100~ players at a time. The vps that I'll be using is from ExtraVM (, or suggest a hosting that offers cheaper :) ). Can someone help me figure it out? Thanks.
  2. If you're going to get a Singapore VPS from ExtraVM, you'd be better off going with OVH directly.

    However, ExtraVM's Dallas VPSs use Ryzen 9 3900Xs from ReliableSite iirc (it might be Psychz can't remember), if you're okay with a US location, go for this
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    Dallas VPS using Ryzen 3900X is colocated hardware on the Hivelocity network. Old Ryzen 2700 VPS are on Psychz but they aren't sold publicly anymore since the hardware isn't as good.

    If he is hosting MC in Singapore he's probably better off just getting a dedicated server if he wants 100 players on it... he's going to have a hard time getting 100 players to work well on a VPS, and mostly if he's using 1.14.4 which is still pretty bad. OVH had some deal last month for some $70~ dedicated servers in Singapore but they are probably gone at this point.
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