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  1. I run 4 minecraft servers and also have bungeecord running.

    Minecraft server 1: 49 plugins
    Minecraft server 2: 36 plugins
    Minecraft server 3: 30 plugins
    Minecraft server 4: (Hub server): 9 plugins
    and then I have bungeecord running as well.

    The servers overall get around 200 players and close to 300 at peak times.

    I run all this on one machine:
    Am I 'overkilling' the server? Do you think I should buy another server and move some of the minecraft servers onto the new server?
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    HTOP screenshot during peak?

    I have an E3 1230 and holding 200-260 players, so honestly I think with an E5 with 300 players you are doing just fine.
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