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  1. Hello i'm not too sure if i have posted this on the place but i am woundering if some people could help me and tell me some secrets about getting more players online on my server. For a month or two my server has been dead and only have had around 5 players at a time. At this point i'm thinking that players may not like my server. If someone could please tell me some tips and tricks on getting more players I would much appreciate it.

    If you woud like to join and check out my server feel free to join here:
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  3. Why not ask the remaining 5 players what they think?
  4. ok guys thanks for your replies. I will ask them when there next online
  5. I have read the thread but i honestly dont know what people may think of my server. Personally i like the server and how its different from others. Please could you come online and see what you think of it please?
  6. The server looks good, but i think that you will get more players if you convert it a cracked server.
  7. ok but if i was to do that wouldnt i have more issues with hackers and get in trouble with mojang?
  8. I checked it out. Sadly there is not a lot to do. When I was online there were 2 others hacking, so no reason to play a pvp game if there are just players with hacked clients online.

    Also, this feels more like a MiniGame you would be able to find on some random server. The plugins are as far as I could see not unique. One would be able to copy your idea in half an hour and this side's ressources.
    Why do you have a dev rank? For setting up plugins? Does not seem very professional.

    On the other hand, your menus are clean, you do not get bombarded at the beginning with information and the book helps to get started right away.
    Furthermore I like your buildings and the arena.

    Hope this helps you out. Please do not take this in a mean way. I see a lot of potential in your server's idea. You ll just need to fix some issues and hope that the players might like it.
  9. ok thankyou very much for your reply. I wont take it personaly dont worry. All i want is advise from people and what they think so then i can improve. Sadly at the time when hackers were online i was streaming and wasnt online. If you could please tell me exactly what the dev was doing and can you remeber who was hacking? Many thanks. P.S: what could i add in to make it better, I have a creative world for those who dont like pvp and i have a load of kits and pretiges. Idk what else i could add in...
  10. Help to get more players on your server? Definitely invest, and be smart with what you're investing in. Create something different, stop trying to be like the other hundreds of thousands of pre-teens trying to make a network that has Skyblock, Skywars, etc. Make something different, get your name out there. Know what gamemodes are trending, etc. I hope my advice helps.
  11. ok thankyou i feel what i have created is very different to other servers because you hav ranks and prestiges and a tonne of kits which users can buy. I also have a leaderboard so players can be competitive against other players. I had a idea of addming in duels so people can 1 v 1 other players and maybe get a reward if the kill them. IDK i need to think and plan it out. But thanks for the help. Feel free to come and play. I.P:
  12. Yeah, I'm just saying to be more creative. Also, if you ever happen to need any builds, I'm sure I can help you out. Just give me a PM.
  13. ok thankyou very much :)