Need some MiniGame ideas!

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  1. Hello, I am currently thinking about making a new unique server and it came across my mind to make a minigame server but there are several mini game servers out there So i decided if we had some unique minigames it wouldn't be so boring!
    All you have to do is comment a minigame idea (I will reply to everyone)!

    NOTE: You want to be unique and not copy any other server!
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  2. Starting a minigame server is hard unless you spend a ton of money on advertising. Starting small with only one minigame is not much either.

    Anyways, if you plan on spending a lot of money on advertisments for your hub server remake a good minigame that works.
    Remaking is not copying, let me explain.

    If you remake say survival games but add a twist of a super small map you made Mini-SG!
  3. It would be much better and clean if you could make one post for these suggestions, rather than five. Also note that they are asking for a UNIQUE minigame, not one's that are already available.
  4. You can make like Counter Strike game :p
  5. I have always wanted to play a soccer minigame
  6. Just play various mini-games and the inspiration will come
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