Need some suggestions.

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by acrtic, Jul 3, 2021.

  1. Hey everybody hope your having a good day/night,
    So ive been working on a Semi-geopolitical server with some of my friends and though we are getting players most of them end up going inactive because there is no War or any sort of conflict taking place. I just want suggestions on how i can make the server players engaged while there is no wars going on. Any help is appreciated
    Thanks is advance.
  2. Add plugins that would get players together for example
    - PinataParty
    - Bloodmoon
    - Siegewar

    I don't really know much but those plugins really got my players together.
  3. can you give us more detail on how a war starts? Is it someting a single player can start?
  4. I think he's making a towny server because that's what he used to do so they got their own war integration actually I think there are more than 6 but ya they are pretty great!
  5. Might want to check out SiegeWar on the WarHub.
  6. thanks for suggestions guys i already use siegewar but my players rly dont want to start wars xD. ive been looking into rankup for which people may grind and unlock perks.
  7. question: were u referring me over here?