Need suggestion for cross server ranks.

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  1. A lot of us here are using Bungee for our servers so I thought this is a good place to post this.

    I am looking for a good way to link ranks across servers. So far I have used mysql but that makes it hard to manage the permissions. I have tried using GUIs for mysql but I can't find one that has multi world permission support. I have experimented with having multiple servers connect to the same permissions file but in order for changes on one server to appear on the other, the permissions file would have to be reloaded on the other server. What methods do you use to link ranks cross server (if you do)? PEX btw.

    Here is another topic of discussion that I have been thinking about for a while. Is it more profitable donation wise to have 1 set of donor ranks per server network, or to have separate donor ranks per server.
  2. Im currently using PEX sql, no gui or website for it, just put the permissions the way i wanted it in a .yml, made it .sql and threw it on a database, then, if i want to add any more perms i do the commands ingame.
  3. I do the same as Malo. Works great
  4. Yea, just have a central database in which multiple servers with the same permissions plugin can connect to, and then whenever a player joins a server it will automatically and instantly update the players rank across all server connected to the same database. Works Great!
  5. I have to /pex reload /reload or restart the server for a rank to show up if you did the command on another server. To fix this i have buycraft send the commands to every server.
  6. I use a permissions plugin called YAPP it isn't very well known, but each time you join the server it checks for your rank. Not sure how efficient it is, but it works. I didn't really specify the permissions plugin I use, in my prior post.
  7. Thanks for the replies.
  8. Going back to your last question Pendar, personally I think it would be better to have a set of donor ranks per server network because people aren't going to want to buy a rank for each server, combing them together is basically like adding incentives to purchase it. If I were to purchase a donor pack for a server I would want it to have bonuses for ever game/server they have.
  9. I use a system where the ranks aren't cross server via mySQL as the ranks are named differently and they all have different perms, simply done using buycraft, though if they buy rank pack 1, they get the 1st teir donor ranks on each server.
  10. I was using MySQL with PermissionsEX, but it is to complicated having to manage and add/remove perms. So now have a screen in my VPS via SSH, that just updates the regular flat file to all of the servers around every 2 seconds, so it isn't laggy, but may not be the most efficient way. Yet my VPS has some many open resources, so it doesn't affect the servers.