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  1. Hello,

    I am about to release my new survival server and I have released my previous factions server like my own way but this time I want to try a different method and gain a good community. I usually release it on certain time, and tell my staff members to get on at that time, and before releasing I go to multiple voting sites type in all the server information and post it at the same time.. after that I just unwhitelist the server and good amount of people joins. The bad thing about this is that I have to rush to get the vote links put on the server and that's always a struggle. I want this server to be perfect before releasing and I don't want to rush anything. Can you guys help me out? how do you guys release a server and what methods do you use?

  2. In the past when I used to run Minecraft servers I would always have a well written out topic to post at sites like Minecraft Forum and Planet Minecraft. In my opinion and through personal experience, if you have a well written topic that outlines the ideals and features of your server then you'll attract the desired crowd to join your server. Here are a couple words of advice;

    - Don't expect to have 20-30 people dedicated to your server as soon as your release, it's just not feasible and growth takes time.
    - Part of managing a server and a community is being a part of that community, you have to actively be on the server with your staff team enjoying what you created, how can you expect others to come in and stay and play if you don't even do it yourself?

    What I've noticed in the past is that even when people have a server in which they dedicate themselves, they still enjoy the thrill of a new experience and venture out. It's your job to hook those people, because those people tend to have groups which causes advertisement by word of mouth.

    Good luck!
  3. Voting sites give you about 2 minutes before they show up to change the motd back and add the links to your vote command
  4. Hmm alright. Like I don't want to rush the release and I want the release to be smooth with no hassel. How do you usually release your servers?
  5. Make sure everything is working and wait till everyone is off school (End of this week for the UK). Then I post them on 1 site at a time