Need Urgent Help!

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by DiamondCoder101, May 30, 2015.

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  1. That error message means the port you're attempting to use is currently being used by your computer. Also, do not expect to be able to host a "live" minecraft server from your laptop without port forwarding. You'd be better off using a hosting company for security reasons.
  2. No one is going to log on to the server besides me. I'm not stupid... Anyways do you have any idea what else could possibly using the port?
  3. Change it to 25567 and see if that works
  4. How do I change it?
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  5. Go in to your file and look for SERVER-PORT. Change the 5 numbers from the default to 25567.
  6. Thanks! Works now ;)
  7. No worries man :) Happy to help!

    - The AusCo Team
  8. You should be sure to kill the zombie Minecraft process that is running too.
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  9. I think this thread was meant for a joke.
    I mean, he's a developer, and what kind of developer doesn't know what your port / file is?
  10. People who aren't developers that say they're a developer do that. Which is this guy.
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  11. I code plugins. I however don't care for any server management. I code plugins and that is all...
  12. Ho
    However, It doesn't take a wizard to change a server port.
    Considering you've learned the Java language, Perhaps you might've learned some simple networking task
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  13. I however didn't know the problem was to change the server port.
  14. Why didn't you read ? It says " Address already in use " .
  15. I honestly didn't bother to read it. I just wanted to get some help before I had to go.
  16. Who cares if he codes or not. The whole point of this thread was to solve the issue he had. Which was done. Anything else is simply being rude. Any number of things could be using your port 25565, most likely though it would be something related to Minecraft. You can use a program to identify the open ports you have, and what is using them.
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