[NeedAdvices] Which hosting configuration should I go with?

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Which hosting configuration should I go with?

  1. ShockByte

  2. OVH

  3. Other? (please specify :D)

  4. frostbitehosting

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  1. Hello everyone, I was wondering what hosting should I go with if I wanted to host:
    • 20 players server (Survival server, with essentials, griefprevention, etc.)
    • A bungeecord server

    Options that I have thought:

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  2. joehot200


    I voted OVH - But to not go for their VPS's. I recommend you go for a Kimsufi dedi instead.

    You could go with Shockbyte, but they're a shared host, and shared hosts are generally pretty crap. OVH has a more stable network and is a bigger company, making it less likely to randomly fail in you (like TrueWorldGaming did).
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  3. Randomly restart, what?
    Your issue is going to be with the cpu, unless you are lucky and are on a node with non power hungry customers.
  4. Run it on a potato
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  5. No, my ovh vps does it too, I have to get it started up when you it does and I don't know ssh (hopefully being taught soon)
  6. I try not get involved in these discussions, but if he buys a VPS/Dedi and doesn't secure it correctly, there will be an increased risk from hackers. Not trying to bloat or anything, but going with a shared hoster might be a safer option if he doesn't know how to use a VPS/Dedi.
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  7. Bisecthosting.com
  8. I would personally go for McProHosting.

    Currently, my server runs on them and they're wonderful. My Survival server runs 35 plugins and gets 19+ TPS when our server slots are more than halfway filled.

    Their customer support though is amazing; they're really knowledgable in what they do. They even worked out a custom plan for me to suit my ram needs :) You also get a free MySQL database with unlimited storage. Tbh, for the price, it's a very quality hosting service.

    I also hear that they set up BungeeCord for you.
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  9. DemonVPS

  10. Ha ha, funny
  11. I'd advice you to go with ggservers because there support is amazing, it only takes them over 24 hours to respond plus there servers are cheap and include no lagg.

    Ignore that about ggservers :p My honest opinion has to be shockbyte hosting, I used to be with them. They had really good support and no lagg on there servers. Strongly recommend
  12. bisecthosting is cheap, and i submitted a support ticket on bisecthosting and got a reply within half an hour
  13. i pay £15 a month for a 6 gigabyte server