Needed plugins / what can I code for you?

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  1. Hi,
    I'm a coder that is pretty new to this scene and I'm trying to build a portfolio.
    I've coded and released a few plugins, but I need Ideas.
    If you need a plugin, message me. I'm free, but will release it to the public, because I'm trying to build a portfolio.
    I can speak german and english, so if you want something in german just say it.
    If you find bugs/errors pleas message me.

    Thanks in advaned
  2. well if you just need existing ideas you can look at the resource section but if you want unique ideas you can still look into the resource section and find ideas that are not there already. be careful what you ask for haha people might overwhelm you with crazy ideas I once had to code to a server owner who thinks I can code the whole server I said NO.
  3. The idea was to get some ideas and start coding a few plugins
  4. ok here is an easy one make a broadcast plugin which broadcast messages from config files with color support and editable prefix and custom message timer you can start from there then take it a notch higher do a command timer then modify it to allow delayed commands which other plugins can hook into

    Additional: add placeholder api support and mvdw placeholder api support for placeholders which can take the stats taken from the player and show it to chat individually

    Want to take it higher? When a player hover their mouse on the message it will display placeholders from the player like pointing your mouse on an item
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  5. And on top of that add bungeecord support with different broadcasts for different servers, as well as global ones.
  6. now this is a challenge, plugin messaging and all

    also add per world support and support for world guard regions
  7. I'd suggest to not post threads like this in a section that is made for people who are looking for plugin help, not for plugin creation on a thread section that isn't supposed to have that.