Needing Help installing Async

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  1. Hello, I have recently created a server for me to play on and I am having trouble getting async to install properly. I am running a spigot 1.8.5 and using filezilla to try to manually install it, bc when i try installing from the server client list its not installing properly as well. Can anyone possibly help me with this? I have been able to get all other plugins to work, aside from this one. With the huge projects that I am planning on doing on my personal server, I am in desperate need for this plugin to work. My server just wants to crash out ever time I try to move some of my work over... This would be a blessing if anyone could help! Thanks!
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  2. When you say Async, are you refering to Async World Edit?
  3. yes i am referring to that. I cant get it to install and work properly. everything still seems to crash my server when i am trying to paste it.
  4. I probably posted this in the wrong place... I am kind of a newbie! :) lol