Needing Some Help Finding Plugins

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  1. Hello! If anyone can take some time to help me find some plugins, i'd be thrilled.

    I'm attempting to make a gamemode on my server which closely resembles the game of Ingress.

    Ingress is a massively-multiplayer augmented reality game by Niantic Labs (formerly a Google startup) where players go to locations in the real world. (I'm not going to explain it in detail here, read about it here)

    I'm not looking to make an exact match of the game, just the basics.
    Here's what i'm needing plugins for:
    • Resonators (which power the portal, claims the portal)
    • XMP Bursters (which attack resonators, destroy them, thus neutralizing a portal)
    • Leveling system (which gives permissions for items of their level. A level 4 player can use level 1-4 items, but not 5-8)
    • Linking (to connect the portals. My idea of it would be particles which are in a line from one portal to another.)
    • Fielding (with this one, I wouldn't have a clue where to even begin. Maybe glass above the area in question?)
    • Factions (this one could probably just be done with any old factions plugin. There's only 2 teams in the game, but I may not implement the factions so it's a fend-for-yourself type of deal)
    • A plugin which can change the color of wool/glass upon capturing a portal (putting a resonator on it)
    (This last one will be really complicating)
    • A plugin which will allow players to attack portals that aren't from their team. For example, someone from team A claims a portal. Then a guy from team B wants that portal, so they can attack it and try to claim it. If it succeeds, they have neutralized the portal (it is no longer on a team) and they can then capture it or walk away. If it fails, the health of the resonators have dropped and the portal remains in ownership of the original owner (the amount of health taken depends on amount of XMP bursters fired and what level they were compared to the resonators)

    Even if you're not sure a plugin will work, suggest it anyway! It's worth a shot! And also, when you reply to this thread, put your MC username and you'll be whitelisted while I develop the server.

  2. I don't think anything that your looking for would be out there. You'd need to make a custom plugin to do things like this.
  3. hello my name is master me and my friend BlastHappy develop plugin. if it would interest you then we would be happy in creating these types of plugins for you. But it will cost some $$. if you are willing to then i can forward you to him

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