Spigot Neer's Hub Tools 0.3

All your hub needs in one fun, lightweight plugin with fully configurable features!

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    Neer's Hub Tools - All your hub needs in one fun, lightweight plugin with fully configurable features!

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  2. I recommend you to put images in the description, because some guys just see the images, so if you put an image with the scoreboard and that, all people will see it and download, thank you ;)
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  3. Hey nice Plugin!
    But can you please add language translation support and included teleport point creator für the compass?
    And can you add players are in god mode future?

    And i can throw the arrow out of the inventory.

    Thanks :)
  4. Unfortunately languages aren't my area of expertise, sorry.
    Regarding the teleporter for the compass I recommend downloading a simple warp plugin and set the warp at the location you wish to have the compass teleport you to, then in the 'command' part of the config for the compass navigator you can enter the warp name.
    Players shouldn't be able to loose health or hunger so they essentially already are in god mode... Please alert me if this isn't the case.
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  5. Thanks, I'll look into some of your recommendations! New features are coming within the next few weeks.
  6. Here is my config that I referred to yesterday. I followed your instructions, but still received the "unknown command" error.

  7. That's bizarre, no one else has ran into this problem... It doesn't sound like a problem with the actual code. What spigot .jar are you using? The only other thing I can think of is that there's a conflicting plugin... You've definitely got bungeecord set up correctly?
  8. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I am using spigot build #38 (1.8.7)
    Bungeecord is definitely setup properly.
    These are the plugins installed. Any ideas?

    [​IMG]BanManager.jarJAR File1019.31 KBJun 26 01:11
    [​IMG]BungeePortals.jarJAR File26.67 KBJun 20 05:01Edit
    [​IMG]BungeeSuiteSpawn.jarJAR File19.16 KBJun 19 19:48Edit
    [​IMG]BungeeTabListPlus_BukkitBridge-7.jarJAR File25.11 KBJun 19 19:31Edit
    [​IMG]EnjinMinecraftPlugin.jarJAR File278.1 KBJun 19 21:12Edit
    [​IMG]Essentials-2.x-SNAPSHOT.jarJAR File1010.54 KBJun 18 17:25
    [​IMG]EssentialsChat-2.x-SNAPSHOT.jarJAR File12.53 KBJun 18 17:25Edit
    [​IMG]EssentialsSpawn.jarJAR File16.45 KBJun 18 17:25Edit
    [​IMG]LogBlock.jarJAR File190.37 KBJun 22 20:29Edit
    [​IMG]Multiverse-Core-2.5.jarJAR File1.57 MBJul 02 01:26
    [​IMG]Neer's Hub Tools.jarJAR File52.17 KBJun 25 23:31Edit
    [​IMG]NoPluginPlus.jarJAR File72.29 KBJun 20 04:30Edit
    [​IMG]PermissionsEx-1.23.2.jarJAR File705 KBJun 22 20:29
    [​IMG]RideablePlayers.jarJAR File7.11 KBJun 25 23:31Edit
    [​IMG]Tim .jarJAR File8.22 KBJun 21 17:30Edit
    [​IMG]VoxelSniper-5.170.0-SNAPSHOT.jarJAR File1.6 MBJun 18 16:42
    [​IMG]worldedit-bukkit-6.1.jarJAR File1.51 MBJun 18 16:41
  9. I have pretty much the same thing in my config, 'server games' and I get the unknown command error as well.. Is the source code available somewhere?
  10. Sorry, stopped working on the project. Feel free to pm me your skype if you want the source, however I was messing around with the bungee API and everything's all over the place.
  11. Are you able to fix up the scoreboards? I have it false in the config, but it will conflict with another plugins and show up for a split second and disappear.