1.8.8 Negate Ice Speed

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by IronMan59, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. Is there a way to negate the speed boost of ice when running/jumping around on it, I'm making a server with a map that has ice but I dont want it to speed players up. Responses would be appreciated :)
  2. Apply ppl slowness.
  3. There is a chance you can do something with packets to make the client think it stands on a different block type with less slipperness
  4. Then the client won't see an ice block, at this point this is useless.
  5. also true, but other then that I dont see a clean way of really doing this
  6. It's not possible to remove the glide effect that the user has on ice. That's clientside.

    You can, however, edit the movementspeed. But it won't feel like walking on a normal block.
  7. So is this worth trying? I can edit movement speed but I also have custom enchants that modify it already
  8. Well that depends on why you're trying this tbh. If you're trying to remove the ice effect because people will use the ice as a travel point or a way to travel faster, reducing the movementspeed will solve your problem. If you're trying to remove the ice effect because you don't think it fits your map or because you'd just rather want it to feel like walking on a normal block, reducing movementspeed won't fix your problem.