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  1. dont buy it dude
  2. What will be in 1.7? Need to know before I buy.
  3. Why? lol

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  4. Can Add custom Join Sign?
  5. Can I pay with mypaysafecard?
  6. What are the souls used for? In Hypixel, there is the soul well but is that included in this plugin as well?
  7. This plugin have per arena chat?
  8. No
  9. What do souls do???
  10. I have plans for Bungee Mode and MysteryBox´s
  11. Mystery boxes...COOL!

    List of things you should add:
    - Soul
    - Soul wells
    - Perks
    - Leader Boards

    All, do you have per chat games. So in a game there is a different chat then in the lobby.
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  12. Can I pay with paysafecard?
  13. It says 100% do you create a mega map?
  14. You can create the mega map same as another, but it will be 3 players in cage(or more)

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