Spigot NeosNoExplosion [1.8.3] 1.5

A plugin to disable explosions on your server.

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    NeosNoExplosion [1.8.3] - A plugin to disable explosions on your server.

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  2. What i would need is disable the explosion fireball dmg on blocks so they are save
    but still Damage on Player for all of these dmg types. Its a bit nonsense for a survival server to get no dmg from them. but protection for the places blocks and to stop griefer from fakecreeperexplosion at a house..this would be cool :D
    maybe true /false in optons?
  3. Haha good idea! Its in work so you can tomorrow when im finish enable or disable player damage for each kind of explosion :) Im almost finish but i have little trouble with Fireball and TNTMineCart...
  4. Tell me the problem. I might be able to help out ^^
  5. And remember that entities such as WitherSkulls etc also cause explosions! ;)
  6. Oh i forgot it. But now its part of my code <3
  7. First Problem: TNTMinecart still damages players.
    Secound Problem: The Fireball burns the player so he gets burn damage.
  8. Hiho :D

    You may could combine your NeosNoEndermanGrief with NeosNoExplosion as a true/false (enabled disabled) option?
    It would made sense because 1. both plugins are good ;) 2. both protect from blockdestructionof Entitys :)
    3. just on Maintain anymore for one plugin instead of 2 plugins :D
  9. Hey good idea! I will do it!
  10. update this plugin to 1.14