Spigot NepianEXP 1.0.0 (Bukkit 1.8.*)


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    NepianEXP - 経験値に関連する操作を追加するプラグイン

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  2. Translation

    Players make the buying and selling of experience
    Players can be confirmed to display their experience value
    Buying and selling rate of the experience value can be changed by setting
    Message almost Japanese

    ◆ update schedule
    The introduction of experience shop using the billboard
    The introduction of a system that can store experience
    strengthening of the ops command (specifying the player, etc.)
    etc ...

    ◆ How to use

    The NepianEXP.jar put in plugins folder and start the server.
    Then automatically NepianEXP folder is created in the plugins folder.
    After that or you can sell it or buy the experience value using the command in the game.
    Settings can be changed in config.yml of NepianEXP folder.

    ★ The use of plug-ins you will need as a premise the following Plugin
    Vault (http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/vault/)
    Economy-based plug-ins
    ⇒ example: Essentials (https://hub.spigotmc.org/jenkins/job/Spigot-Essentials/)

    ◆ Command
    In general, commands that you can use
    / Exp <buy / sell> <exp> it will buy and sell the ⇒ experience value
    / Exp you can buy and sell <buy / sell> <level> L ⇒ level worth of experience (experience value amount will be level standards of that time)
    / Exp info ⇒ the current experience value, experience value level, it will show the experience required for the next level
    / Exp ⇒ I can check the version of the plug-in

    command ops can be used
    / Exp add <exp> it'll add the ⇒ experience value
    / Exp add <level> L ⇒ I will add a level worth of experience
    Reset the / exp reset ⇒ experience value
    Reload the / exp reload ⇒ plug-ins
    / Exp config ⇒ it will show the configuration of the data of the plug-in
    / Exp config reload ⇒ I reload the configuration of the plug-in

    ※ command that can be used is as above in default
    ※ command that can be used can be re-set in the Permission

    ◆ Permissions

    Permission name and commands are directly connected

    nepian.exp.public (default)

    nepian.exp.op (ops default)

    nepian.exp.config. *
    nepian.exp.config. *


    ◆ source code

    License, apply the GNU LGPLv3 ⇒ https://osdn.jp/magazine/07/09/05/017211
    GitHub began ⇒ https://github.com/Nepian/NepianEXP
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    @Nepian, please write an English description for your plugin and use it for the description here on Spigot (rather than linking to an external forums site).

    If you want, just run your Japanese description through Google translate and use that. As long as there's an English description here on Spigot, we're good :)