Solved net.minecraft.server.v1_17_R1 cannot be resolved to a type

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  1. Hi, I am doing a plugin and want to make it for multiple versions, the problem is with the last version one, when I try to add it, throws an error.

    Also it does not appear in the packet versions but it is added to the the project.

    The native version is 1.8.8

  2. Spigot dropped the revision numbers and totally remapped NMS
    this was detailed in the spigot release

    also for NBT I recommend NBT-API, it makes things a HELL of a lot easier
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  3. \
    got sniped
  4. So... How can I fix my problem? (Add a support for 1.17 version in my plugin)
    I didn't understand that very well.
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  5. decompile a spigot jar and see what the new NMS packages are.
    if you've figured out how to get the classes in the first place, you'd think you could do this again
  6. Thank you.
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