Spigot /nether and /end (Skript) 1.3.3

Use /nether and /end to get the the nether/end

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    /nether (Skript) - Use /nether to get the the nether

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  2. Why Do You Write Like This?

    It's really annoying.
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  3. how do i actually use the plugin? is it a plugin or a skript file for people to use. this seems awesome this plugin
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  4. Drop it in your scripts directory in the Skript plugin data folder.
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  5. Sorry but it's a habbit. :(
  6. It's a skript plugin!! :)
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  8. V1.3.2 Fixed a major update!!!! Be sure to update!!!
  9. The file has been deleted from the host. Can you you reupload?