Nether & End disabled. (Solved)

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  1. The portals crate, but when going through them, they only do the effect, but don't actually teleport you there. Here is my list of pluggins: ChestShop, ClearLag, CombatLog, CrateKey, Essentials, EssentialsGeoIP, EssentialsXMPP, GAListener, HolographicDisplays, ItemStay, MassiveCore, MInecraftMarket, NoCheatPlus, PermissionsEx, PluginMetrics, SignURLs, SilkSpawners, SimpleBroadcast, TitleManager, Vault, Votifier, Warp Portals, World Edit, World Guard.
    Thanks for taking the time to reply if you do so.
  2. Also, I know I can fix this with multiverse, but I was wondering if there was a way around installing 3 pluggins to fix what seems like a simple problem, thanks.
  3. Check ur server properties file
  4. Are the worlds being generated? They're usually added as seperate folders in the main Server folder, like "world" would be. If there isn't a "world_nether" or "world_the_end" or whatever they're called, do as dyenxunit said and check your to see if "allow-nether" is disabled. Also check the bukkit.yml to see if The End is disabled.
  5. Yes, I checked both files, they are true, they are enabled and the worlds are generated. Any other idea's to what it could be?
  6. check world edit or world guard or the bukkit.yml or spigot.yml if you have those files
  7. Read through all of those, nothing that I could see. End and nether are enabled.
  8. Anyone else have any ideas...?
  9. Ok first of all are you sure you aren't using Multiverse or Multiworld? Second I see warpportals. That can potentially be a issue as its interfering with portals.
  10. I'm not using any of those. And I'll check the config for warp portals to see if that could be an issue. Maybe ill even remove it and see.
  11. It was warp portals. I looked through it before and it slipped right past me I guess. It's all in the config, thanks a lot for making me double check that :)
  12. Haha no problem.