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  1. I want to make it so mobs that would only naturally spawn in the nether ei: Wither Skeletons. Ghasts etc. would be able to naturally spawn in the overworld as well. I've tried looking for a plugin that would allow this to no avail. If anyone has a solution I would be most grateful.

    EDIT: mob spawners, command blocks, and changing biomes to Hell is not good for me either.
  2. Is this not possible?
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    You can use Multiverse Core for this.
    Have a look in the Mutliverse-core/worlds.yml
    You will find something like this:
    Code (Text):
          ==: MVSpawnSettings
            ==: MVSpawnSubSettings
            spawn: 'false'
            spawnrate: '-1'
            exceptions: []
            ==: MVSpawnSubSettings
            spawn: 'true'
            spawnrate: '-1'
            - cave_spider
            - spider
            - witch
            - enderman
            - creeper
            - slime
    You can tweek it to your needs. It's a per world setting.
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  4. Okay that seems like it may be the solution I'm looking for, but how would I go about adding nether mobs to the default world? I want to have both nether mobs and overworld mobs in the same world and I can't seem to get them to spawn naturally. Also is there a way to give individual spawn rates for each mob?
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  5. Add me on skype, ill try to help you set it up :D my skype is Masterderpydoge.
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