Nether Portal Issues

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  1. Hello, I'm having trouble with nether portals on my server.

    I'm running spigot 1.14, multiverse-core/nether portals/inventories, and luckperms. I have a survival world with nether and end, and a separate creative world.

    I was the first to open a portal and it worked fine. I've since opened another portal and this caused the issue. If I go into Portal A overworld, I go to Portal A Nether no problem and vice versa. However if I go out Portal B nether, it takes me to Portal A overworld. Or Portal A Nether to Portal B overworld. Just depends whatever I went in to. How can I make this function like vanilla portals?

    Would a plugin like advanced portals fix this? I haven't really found much info for things like this online. Also entering portals shows a warning "TravelAgent not available for PlayerPortalEvent for Player. Their destination may not be correct." I googled this but didn't find anything helpful.
  2. Thanks for the reply,
    I'm running 4.0.0
    edit Just tried 4.1.1 same results

    The portals in question are over 400 blocks away from each other in the nether. Also, I if I watch my coordinates it seems like it takes me to the correct destination and then immediately teleports me to the wrong destination.
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  3. Is it possible you have another plugin interfering?
  4. Bobcat00 is correct, there is another plugin thats interfering with this, i had this issue on a server i use to develop for and i cant remember what plugin that caused this issue, but i can tell you its a plugin interference for sure. Is there any errors that you could provide for us?
  5. I'm running LuckPerms, ImageOnMap, Multiverse-Core v4.1.1-SNAPSHOT-b777, Multiverse-Inventories v4.0.0-SNAPSHOT-b467, Multiverse-NetherPortals v4.1.1-SNAPSHOT-b764, Vivecraft Spigot Extensions
  6. Now personally ive never used netherportal plugins but does that plugin need those other plugins to function properly? have u checked ur console after you have entered the portal to see if any errors or messages popped up.
  7. Before I had updated from 4.0.0 to 4.1.1 (or maybe it was something else I changed trying to fix this) it was giving me this. "TravelAgent not available for PlayerPortalEvent for Player. Their destination may not be correct." Now it isn't though.
    I assume Mutliverse NetherPortals requires Core, but I'm not entirely sure
  8. My only theory is Multiverse-Inventories has a last_location thing. I have it disabled with a group between world,world_nether,world_end so travel can be like vanilla. Is this the right way to do this or could this affect it somehow?
  9. I'm out of ideas. I haven't used MV-Inventories for a while. When I did, I had the overworld, nether, and end in the same world group.
  10. Heres the group and it's shares:[​IMG]
    Tested a portal over 1000 blocks away and same result. Takes me to the last overworld portal I entered.
    By the way thanks for the help so far guys, I've been having trouble even getting a response anywhere else I ask for help.
  11. Do players have the permission multiverse.access.* ?
  12. Try without Vivecraft Spigot Extensions, although I have no idea what that is.
  13. Its for virtual reality. I'll give it a go
  14. Only other thing I can think of is making sure your're running the latest 1.14.4 build.

    I have to go. Hopefully someone else can think of something.
  15. Okay, thanks for your help so far!
  16. did you fix it?