Nether Portal Not Working?

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by TheWhiteHerb, Mar 6, 2020.

  1. Hey, y'all. Long story short - we have made our spawn ready for a survival server and we wanted to make a nether hub but when we went to go make our portal it just didn't teleport us to the nether and kept swirling

    I've asked the owner to go into the properties and change it so it allows nether portals (allow-nether=true)
    which didn't work

    for some reason, certain portals work and those ones only work one way and we're just trying to find a fix before we start our survival time

    EDIT: we have found out that we can leave the nether through a portal but we cannot go to the nether in a portal.

    here is our list of plugins which i believe may have bugged out the nether but not sure
    BossShopPro, Citizens, Essentials EssentialsChat EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, Holograms, Luckperms, MCMMO, Vault, World Edit, & World Guard
  2. I don't think EssentialsProtect and WorldGuard are compatible, but your problem is portal creation is most likely disabled in one of those configs.
  3. we had disabled portal creation and it fixed the nether portal problem but now we can't make portals