Solved Nether Portal Problem

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  1. My 1.10 Minecraft Server running Spigot 1.10 R0.1 (obviously) has been having problems with Nether Portals and Arrows. First issue, nether portals, I use Multiverse-NetherPortals and Multiverse-Portals with the regular Multiverse-Core. I have my Wild world linked with the Wild_nether world using MV-NetherPortals. Portals made near the Wild world spawnpoint work normally, almost, with the exception of often being put into blocks and suffocating and upon '/back' being put into a safe Nether environment. It's almost as if Multiverse's safe area detector broke and Essentials's works. But here's where the worse problems start. If a nether portal is built far away from the Wild world spawnpoint the nether portal brings people under the Nether, typically at the y value of around -11,000. I have no explanation for why this is. I really need help as this is server breaking and I have to have the server on maintenance. If anyone needs more specific info just reply to the thread and all help will be greatly appreciated!

    Plugin List: EssentialsX, Multiverse-Core, Multiverse-NetherPortals, Multiverse-Portals, ChestShop, PermissionsEx, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, PerWorldInventory, FUBS Random Teleport, Factions, MassiveCore, AutoSaveWorld, Vault
  2. Please this is server-breaking. The Factions world is virtually useless because a huge portion of Survival is missing
  3. Considering both multiverse portals and Nether portals are both out of date, I would suggest finding an alternative plugin if the problems continue.
  4. I tried looking for other plugins, but I couldn't find any.
  5. Try Ancient Gates, works well for me. :)

    The development builds are working on 1.9, though you will struggle to get many plugins for 1.10
  6. Solved! I had to update my Spigot 1.10.