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  1. Hello

    I'm just wondering if it possible for a portal to teleport you to a warp location. Right now. I'm using uSkyblock, multiverse and multiverse-nether-portal and the current settings only allow me to warp portal to portal.

    Pretty much, i would like to know if its possible for when i'm in the nether world and i walk back into the portal to get warped to my spawn point in nromal world? rather than back to the portal i first entered

    thanks for your time
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  2. Using multiverse-portals. I've managed to have the portal in nether send me back to world spawn. However, i would like my players to make their own portal on their own island to which that portal teleports them to the set spawn in nether rather than creating lots of random portals around the map. Any suggestions on what i can do here?
  3. you can use warp portals to it is easy
  4. Sorry, i think theres a slight miscommunication. I'll shall explain it with this picture
    So players can create their own portal in WORLD. With their own portals, they all teleport to the same portal in the NETHER. From the NETHER portal, they teleport back to the world spawn either:
    1. back from their own individual WORLD portal they came from OR
    2. A designated location in WORLD

    I hope that explains it better. The plugins above don't seem to do that, unless i have misread it

  5. I doubt there is such a plugin. Only idea I have left (expect of asking someone who will code this) install creativegates from massivecraft and hand out clocks (maybe via some sort of shop). Block all netherportals (have seen somthing out there allready) and you should be fine. This does not solve the coming back to spawn issue though.

    Other idea is to go to your players and make the portals for them (have fun with this...)

    Other idea is to make some sort of Portal harbor
  6. Use VTScripting. It can detect if a player walks on a block and it will then teleport them. The plugin is called VariableTriggers.
  7. You need at least specify. Saying "There is so many <blank> plugins" isn't going to get you anywhere. Its just like saying "There's tons of fast food restaurants". But which one is the best?
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  8. VT will not solve that he wants every player to build a portal that leads him to the nether but only one gets them back to spawn. As far as i know of course
  9. Oh. That would require a custom plugin. I've never heard of a plugin that does that.