Nether Quartz in pre-existing world.

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  1. My server needs nether quartz ore.

    So a lot of my players are very attached to stuff they have built in the nether and they have spent a lot of time on some builds there, this means that I cannot simply delete the nether world to get nether quartz ores.

    My nether world is pre-generated and so simply travelling further in the nether is sort of out of the question too.

    Does anyone know a plugin that is able to run over the nether and randomly place ores?
    Any alternative ideas would be good too, if not then I'll have to make a villager trade at spawn.
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    Make 2 nethers?
  3. Maybe, thanks for the idea.
  4. could work, you would have to use pocket mode instead of the streaky vein mode. I'm not sure how it will interact with existing builds though.

    I have also seen ore re-generators on bukkit dev before, try searching for 'ore' and 'generator'. It's hard to tell whether they will be updated to 1.5 though, but you could always ask a dev to update it for you.
  5. Might seem stupid, but could you not go to the nether and add the ores your self?
    Example using world edit. //replacenear 100 87 75%87,25%153 (this would replace all nether rack in a 100 radius with 75% NetherRack and 25% Quartz Ore. (Work out what % is the best ofc). Might be worth a thought rather then scraping the whole nether. I am in the same position and thinking about doing this over scraping the nether we have now.
  6. Use nbtoolkit? I mean, if it works with Anvil maps...
  7. This would work fine, though you'd have quite a task ahead of you if you want to do this to the whole nether. This wouldn't create veins though, all the ores would be evenly distributed instead of lumped together in groups.
  8. Disposable mining worlds FTW! Keep player build areas to one world, and have separate mining worlds that can be scrapped on MC updates.
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  9. I never thought of this aspect of mining worlds.