Nether roof dislaber

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  1. Hi, I'm serching for a plugin to forbid players to place block on the Nether roof, but who doesn't kill them.
    Is there one ?
  2. If you are a dev then you can just get the nether and the Y location and disable blockplaceevent in that Y.
  3. I could do that for you quite easily, if u know a thing or two about the spigot api tho, just look into blockplaceevent and checking for the y level and the world its in and you should be good.
  4. Well this forum is meant for people who do not code plugins themselves but instead need help with existing plugins, so pretty likely he isn't looking to code it himself.
  5. It's very simple plugin
    write me in Discrod: Kolis1on # 2088
    I can make for you
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  6. Hello TomyGamy,

    You don't need any custom plugin or coding knowledge. You can simply use world-guard or similar plugins to disable block placement in a certain region. I would assume you're running a survival server that must have a world border. Just select the start to the end of that roof area make a region and disable block placement.

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