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    Hi, can someone help me?

    I am currently programming my own cloud, which will soon be public. Well: everything went well and so, but when starting, this Netty error always comes up:

    I have Java / OpenJDK 13. Does anyone know how I could fix that?

    Many thanks in advance!


    Hi, kann mir jemand helfen?

    Ich programmiere gerade an einer eigenen Cloud, die bald oeffentlich sein soll. Nun: es hat alles geklappt und so, Aber beim Starten kommt immer dieser Netty Fehler:

    Ich habe Java/OpenJDK 13. Weiss jemand wie ich den beheben koennte?

    Vielen dank im vorraus!
  2. It's just a warning. You could suppress it by doing what it says in the output warning. (Or filter the error through code I guess...). Or you could revert to Java 8.

    Newer netty versions shouldn't have this though? Which version are you using?
  3. or code it right... it flat out saying you doing an illegal action and soon enough it will not work.
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  5. ah clearly you do not know my young padawon stage performer. Let us teach you the ways of what happens when thou ignores the power of depreciations.
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  6. Fixed. i used a to old netty version.
    Release date (year): 2013
  7. I figured. Tons of libraries are broken in Java 9->13, and netty is one of them. Luckily pretty much all have updated, even ASM.